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Sustainable Comfort ®

From heat pumps to solar heating systems, solid fuel boilers to condensing boilers, De Dietrich will accompany you to Sustainable Comfort ®.

Sustainable Comfort ® cannot be separated from sustainable development which has three fundamental pillars : economic, social and environmental.

Since the 1970s, industrialised nations have started to realise that their prosperity was based on the intensive utilisation of natural resources. This was also because the third pillar, the environment, which was equally as important as the economic and social aspects, had been neglected.

De Dietrich Thermique Group plays a part in preserving the environment, without compromising the comfort of its customers.

Choose De Dietrich Sustainable Comfort ®

By choosing Sustainable Comfort ®, you save energy, contribute to preserving the environment and increase your own comfort.

- Save energy
Economise by using only what is needed when it is needed. 

- Protect the environment
Previously, domestic heating represented 32% of greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce this percentage, our aim is to adapt heating systems using ecological techniques and to increase the use of renewable energy sources.

- Increase your own comfort
Live in harmony with nature thanks to technology which monitors the quality of water, respects the environment and reduces waste.

Let us never forget this eloquent quote from French author Saint Exupery : "We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our children."