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Commercial boilers

Discover the range of commercial boilers De Dietrich

Photo produit Elidens DTG 130-35

Gas condensing boiler ELIDENS

Adapted for small collective heating

  • Annual efficiency up to 110%
  • Large output modulation from 18 to 100%

commercial boiler CABK

Commercial Boiler CABK and CABK Plus

  • Very high efficiency
  • Hard-wearing, tried and test construction
  • Easy handling and connection

Photo produit chaudière fioul à condensation Modulens O Pro

Modulens O PRO floor standing oil-fired condensing boiler

  • Compact, modular boiler
  • Heating only
  • High-efficiency

Chaudiere Innovens MCA PRO 45-115 par De Dietrich

Gas condensing INNOVENS PRO MCA

  • Compact, light and powerful
  • Optimised for the environment
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Solutions for cascade systems

Chaudiere GTU C 330 par De Dietrich

GTU C 330 oil condensing boilers

  • The oil condensing solution for collective needs
  • Return on operating efficiency up to 104%
  • A wide output range (from 56.7 to 291.2 kW)

Chaudière C230 Eco par De Dietrich

C 230 Eco, C 310 Eco, C 610 Eco gas condensing boilers

  • Optimised energy use for medium and high output boiler rooms
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Space saving

DTG 230 - 330 cast-iron gas boilers

  • High annual operating efficiency (up to 96%)
  • Operation at low temperatures
  • Optimal combustion hygiene and minimal pollutant emissions
  • Can be installed anywhere (existing or new boiler rooms)

GT 330, GT 430 and GT 530 cast-iron/gas boilers

  • To be fitted with an oil or gas burner
  • Low temperature operation
  • Optimal combustion hygiene
  • Easy maintenance and sweeping