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chaudiere TWINEO EGC V100SL par De Dietrich


Hot water available at any time

This model includes a 100-L hot water tank placed under the condensing boiler. It provides you with plenty of pure hot water (flow rate up to 590 litres an hour).

Exceptional performance

It achieves efficiency of up to 109%, guarantees perfect output adjustment to suit your needs thanks to the burner that modulates from 22 to 100%, and manages heating and domestic hot water by means of a reversal valve. It is ultra-responsive and compact, thanks to the new heating body in single-block cast aluminium silicium. It is equipped with a 3-speed pump and a 12-litre expansion vessel.

  • Output: 25 kW
  • Dimensions: H 1410 x W 600 x D 730 mm
  • Control system: Inicontrol
  • Weight empty: 116 kg

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Energy class

with outside temperature sensor and room thermostat

A+++ A+
A+++ A