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chaudiere gaz TWINEO EGC V/B200SSL par De Dietrich

TWINEO EGC 25 with solar calorifier V-B/200SSL

Multi-energy solution: environmentally friendly and economical

To combine an environmentally friendly yet economical solution, opt for one of these models, which give you the option of installing a solar calorifier under or next to the boiler, all with Inisol NEO solar collectors.
You can thus make the most of a carefully designed multi-energy solution that takes up very little space. This solution lets you produce up to 50% of your domestic hot water absolutely free.

Twineo is perfectly suited to a Low-Energy House (LEH) project

  • Output: 25 kW
  • Dimensions: H 1970 x W 600 x D 730 mm (V200SSL model) H 1200 x W 1200 x D 730 mm (B200SSL model)
  • Control system: Inicontrol
  • Weight empty: 208 kg (V 200SSL model) 218 kg (B 200SSL model)

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Energy class

with outside temperature sensor and room thermostat

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