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DTG X … N / GMT 130

The DTG X ...N / GMT 130 boiler is suitable for heating and domestic hot water production.

With large range of models (up to 54 kW), these boilers offer you multiple possibilities to create an installation, which is really adapted to your requirements. They can be combined with a 130L. domestic hot water calorifier adjacent or under to the boiler and has a remarkable performance in terms of savings and respect for the environment.

The heating body in eutectic cast iron ensures protection from corrosion and offers a perfect resistance to thermal shocks.
These boilers can be connected with a chimney flue.
  • Output: 23 - 54 kW
  • Dimensions (boiler only): H 850 x L 884 x D 737 mm
  • Fittings: electromechanical control system
  • Empty weight (boiler only): 179,5 kg max

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