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Chauffe-eau thermodynamique KALIKO - De Dietrich

Hot water thanks to the thermodynamic system

Thermodynamic water heater, energy savings in the air!

The thermodynamic water heater works on the principle of the air source heat pump and recovers energy from the air.
Installed ideally in the cellar, it runs at maximum all year round by exploiting the heat in the ambient air.

Energy savings, very simply
The Kaliko thermodynamic water heater recovers kWh of energy from the ambient air or the outside air to heat the hot water tank. With the added benefit that 70% of your domestic hot water is absolutely free!
Equipped, depending on the model, with an enamelled tank of 210 to 270 litres, it covers the domestic hot water needs of a family of up to 6 people.
It can operate when the outside temperature is as low as -5°C, with tank heating up to 62°C by the thermodynamic generator.

An interesting alternative to fossil fuels
The thermodynamic water heater does not need fossil fuels to work and it does not emit CO2. As part of a renovation project, it can be combined with other energy sources.

  • 290 litre enamelled tank
  • Uses energy from ambient air
  • Multi-energy solution

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Characteristics of the range

Models TWH 200 E TWH 300 E TWH 300 EH
Tank capacity 210 l 270 l 260 l
HP output 1700 W 1700 W 1700 W
COP according to EN 255 2,7 2,94 2,75
Electrical resistor output 2400 W 2400 W 1800 W
Heating time from 15 to 60°C 5 h 30 7 h 7 h
Operating temperature -5°C à 35°C -5°C à 35°C -5°C à 35°C
Cooling fluid R 134 A R 134 A R 134 A
Auxiliary heating electric electric boiler or solar
Weight empty 93 kg 105 kg 123 kg

Details of the models

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Thermodynamic hot water tank CETD