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Wall-hung boilers

Discover the range of wall-hung boilers De Dietrich

Chaudiere Innovens MCA par De Dietrich

INNOVENS wall-hung gas condensing boiler

Condensation at the cutting edge of innovation 

  • A range of 8 to 35 kW
  • High efficiency (109%)
  • Heating and/or domestic hot water production
  • New iSystem control system
  •  Compact and stylish

Chaudiere Vivadens MCR par De Dietrich

VIVADENS wall-hung gas condensing boiler

  • A concentrate of technology and simplicity too
  • Output range from 6 to 35 kW
  • High efficiency (109%)
  • Heating only and/or domestic hot water production (instantaneous or by combined tank)
  • 3-star performance for domestic hot water
  • Excellent value for money

Chaudière gaz murale à condensation Naneo

Naneo Condensing gas boiler

- ultra compact and lightweight (just 25 kg)

- efficiency up to 109 %

- energy savings of up to 30 %

Chaudière gaz murale à condensation Naneo

PMC Condensing gas-fired boiler

•    30 to 40% energy savings
•    Efficiency of 109%
•    Greatly reduced weight: 25 kg
•    Ultra-compact
•    Easy maintenance

Boiler ZENA 24/24MI by De Dietrich

Wall-hung low temperature gas boiler ZENA

The reduced dimensions and the clean aesthetic line of Zena boilers make every installation option available to you:

  • Attractive price,
  • Boiler delivered fully assembled, easy to install and ready to use.
  •  Ultra-compact to fit in anywhere in your home.
  • 24 kW output, ideal for heating and domestic hot water alike.

Product picture wall-hung low temperature gas boiler ZENA Plus MSL 24 MI / MSL 24,28,31 MI FF / MSL 24 FF / MSL 31 FF

ZENA PLUS Gas low temperature

  • Broad range of heating outputs
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • 3-star heating efficiency for the FF versions
  • Attractive price

Photo produit chaudière murale gaz à condensation MPX

MPX wall hung gas condensing boiler

An ideal boiler for the replacing market

  • Compact range with 2 width of widths to adapt to all needs
  • Reliabilbility with its brass hydrobloc and its stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Preset multi-brands replacing kits for the optimisation of the starting up

Photo produit de la chaudière Evodens

Chaudière murale gaz à condensation EVODENS

  • Energy savings
  • High-tech design
  • Robust and sustainable