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Solar : a free source of energy

Using solar energy means taking nothing from nature, and producing no pollutant emissions.

After extensive research the technology has been refined over time.  solar energy is captured and then converted into heat using solar panels installed on a roof or on a terrace, in a horizontal or vertical position, or even integrated into an existing roof. 
These flat glass panels transmit energy to a heat transfer fluid which circulates in the tubes and heats domestic hot water, the water in the central heating system or even the water in a swimming pool.

The energy captured from the sun's rays is transformed for :

  • the production of domestic hot water using a solar calorifier,
  • the production of domestic hot water and back-up heating with a combined solar installation.

A solar installation is often associated with a condensation boiler for even greater yields and further energy savings.

Tailor-made solar power 

De Dietrich has three ranges of solar installation : panels, domestic hot water calorifiers and regulation systems. The variety of combinations means it is possible to form a system which is practically made to measure : production of domestic hot water alone or as a back up for heating, low capacity or high capacity.