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What degree of comfort ?

The production of domestic hot water and temperature regulation are the two key elements to the comfort of your surroundings at home.


The rule of three requirements
Domestic hot water is either produced by a tank in the boiler, by an independent tank which is linked to the boiler or by a completely independent tank. Whatever system you choose, there are three essentiel criteria for domestic hot water supply :

  • an adjustable temperature depending on your current requirements, which remains constant for whatever amount of water is used.
  • an instant and unlimited flow
  • a volume of hot water which means there is no wait for the water to reheat.

Instant Domestic hot water is produced at the moment of use. This requires high power and is limited to moderate volumes.

For a good level of comfort at higher volumes requirements, accumulation systems are the most efficient. A reservoir of hot water is produced in advance and is stored in a tank.

Choose the solution which meets your real requirements according to your lifestyle : for example, a bath uses three times more water than a shower, and young children are large consumers of hot water... To choose the best option for your home, take into account your requirement and discuss them with your De Dietrich supplier.


Intelligence and convenience...
The control system is the real nerve centre of the boilers. It ensures tailor-made comfort and enables important energy savings.
Any modern central heating installation normally includes a control system which :

  • adjusts the temperature of the boiler according to the external temperature, rather than maintain it at a constantly high temperature,
  • makes it possible to set a weekly heating and hot water programme in a variety of operating modes : automatic, permanent comfort, holiday period.

De Dietrich has developed the DIEMATIC System ® of control, which integrates a programmable unit as standard on every system. Preprogrammed, it requires no adjustment on installation. It is very user-friendly : temperatures, programmes and a number of other parameters can be easily modified at any moment.

This cutting edge control system enables remote communication with the boiler due to its mobile interactive module. The module can be placed in a heated room (sitting room, kitchen...) or in a wall mounted cupboard, and makes it possible to alter the settings remotely and as desired.

As for the DC 3000 remote management system, it makes it possible to manage and remotely use installations which are controlled by the DIEMATIC 3 and DIEMATIC-m Delta control systems. An ideal way to switch on the boiler when you are on your way back from your holidays, switch a second home to the anti-freeze setting in winter or call in the engineers quicker as they are automatically informed by telephone if there is a problem.

Your heating engineer will advise you about the best tank for your requirements in terms of domestic hot water and the regulation system which will optimise your heating system.