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Compliance with strict standards

European Efficiency Directive
The amended European Efficiency Directive (92/42/CEE) of 21st May 1992 defines the efficiency requirements for new hot water boilers powered with liquid or gaseous combustibles, with power greater than 4 kW and less or equal to 400 kW.

Only boilers which meet the efficiency requirements defined by this directive and bearing EC markings can be manufactured and marketed. These markings can be accompanied by additional markings in the form of stars.

The level of efficiency is denoted by a number of stars (from one to four) which signifies the energy performance of the boilers. These stars are assigned according to the efficiency of boilers at full load, and at 30% load.

De Dietrich adheres to this directive, and proposes :

  • low-temperature boilers in the GT, DTG and CA ranges which are marked with two stars (**EC label),
  • condensing boilers C 210 Eco, C 310 Eco, C 610 Eco, SBK, Innovens, GTU C 120 and Elidens which are marked with four stars (****EC label).