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Condensing and the environment

All current technical improvements in the heating equipment sector aim to the same objective

  • increase efficiency
  • reduce polluting emissions

The condensing boiler manufactured by De Dietrich is one of the best responses to the double goal of energy savings and environmental protection.
With the condensing technique, polluting emissions, which contribute to the formation of greenhouse gases and acid rain, are three times lower than required by current European standards, in compliance with the Kyoto protocol.* Moreover, the condensing technique provides up to 40 % energy savings (gas or fuel oil), thus preserving the planet’s resources.

Did you  know ?
Boilers can be heavier polluters than cars. An old-generation boiler (over 20 years old) can produce almost as much carbon dioxide as  three cars moving slowly.

* The Kyoto protocol obliges all industrialised countries to reduce greenhouse effect gas emissions between 2008 and 2012 by 5% on average, compared to 1990 figures.