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Recycling and the environment

Participating in protecting the environment is also about supporting recycling and the reduction of waste.

Waste recycling is beneficial to the environment in many ways. It protects natural resources, cuts down requirements of raw materials and reduces waste that is often harmful for the air, ground, water and our health.

At De Dietrich, recycling is accounted for right from the design phase

We approach recycling in different ways.

  • Waste reduction
    The eutectic cast iron or cast aluminium-silicium heater bodies enable the De Dietrich boilers to durably withstand variations in temperature and corrosion, which guarantees a long life for our products which acts in favour of waste reduction. 
  • Recyclable materials
    Our materials are marked with the appropriate recycling symbol, making them suitable for selective sorting. This includes cast iron and steel, all synthetic components and packaging such as wood, cardboard and polystyrene.