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Our history

Our knowledge of the past is a precious asset for predicting the future

Key dates in the history of De Dietrich :

1684      Jean Dietrich purchases the Jaegerthal forge
1761     Jean Dietrich, his grandson, is knighted by Louis XV. He becomes the largest landowner in Alsace and builds an industrial empire by acquiring and constructing iron works and blast furnaces.
1778     Louis XVI grants Jean de Dietrich the exclusive use of a trademark in the form of a hunting horn to protect his production from imitations. This very same symbol of quality is still to be found on De Dietrich products today.
1848     De Dietrich enters the industrial revolution by transforming the iron works into construction workshops for railroad and mechanical products.
1896     De Dietrich ventures into automobile construction in collaborat with Emile Mathis and Ettore Bugatti.
1905     De Dietrich exits out of automobile manufacturing to concentrate the production of railway material, equipment for the chemical industry, central heating equipment and kitchen appliances.
1996      De Dietrich acquires OERTLI, a burner manufacturer.
1999     De Dietrich acquires Schaefer Interdomo, manufacturer of steel and condensation boilers.
2000     De Dietrich is the object of a friendly takeover from the Société Industrielle du Hanau (SIH), controlled by ABN AMRO Capital Investissement France. The group continues its development in its various fields of activity.
2004     The De Dietrich Thermique group joins forces with Remeha, a major figure in the European condensation boiler market.
2008     De Dietrich Remeha Group actively continued its expansion into the field of renewable energies and, more specifically, heat pumps. Within this context, it acquired the DFM Group, better known under the brand name SOFATH, which is selling heat pumps.
2009     At the end of 2009, De Dietrich Remeha, together with Baxi, formed the Group BDR Thermea, a new leading-edge company, providing innovative solutions and associated services for heating and domestic hot water.


De Dietrich is part of BDR Thermea