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Control systems : the right temperature

The real brain of the boilers, the control system ensures tailor-made comfort and enables energy savings of up to 25 % .
All modern central heating installations normally include a control system which :

  • Adjusts the temperature of the boiler according to the external temperature, rather than maintain it at a constantly high temperature
  • Makes it possible to set a weekly heating programme, even including domestic hot water, according to a variety of operating modes.

De Dietrich has developed the DIEMATIC System ®, which integrates a programmable unit as standard on every system. Preprogrammed, it requires no adjustment on installation. It is very user-friendly : temperatures, programmes and a number of other parameters can be easily modified at any moment. This cutting edge control system enables remote communication with the boiler due to its mobile interactive module. The modul can be placed in a heated room (sitting room, kitchen...) or in a wall mounted cupboard, and makes it possible to alter the settings remotely and as desired.