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Heat pumps : hot or cold?

Air, water and earth are sources of a large quantity of energy which is constantly renewed by rain and solar radiation.

Heat pumps capture heat from the natural environment (air, earth or water) and reproduce it to heat and cool homes at a very low cost. A heat pump can function in outdoor temperatures of up to -20°C.

There are two major principles : aerothermics and geothermics. De Dietrich heat pumps use both of these methods. They respond perfectly to current and future environmental requirements in terms of reducing energy consumption and combating the greenhouse effect.

A heat pump can be integrated into your current installation. It can be combined with a boiler, a solar system or an electrical back-up system.

Upto 75 % energy savings

On average, a heat pump produces 4 kWh of heat for1 kWh of electricity consumed. You therefore recuperate up to 3 kWh free of charge. This represents a 75 % saving on your energy bill in comparison with electric-only heating solutions.