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How can I protect the environment ?

Choosing an ecological heating system is an important environmental gesture, because boiler activity represents 32% of the production of greenhouse gases, and is placed second behind transport for the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx).

All the technical improvements in heating appliances have the same objective : to maximise efficiency and to obtain a more complete and cleaner combustion in order to reduce residues and thus protect the environment. Solar installations, condensing boilers and heat pumps are the best responses to the dual concerns of economics and environmental protection. 

Within the framework of its energy savings policy, the European Union has instigated the European Directive 92/42/CEE (or Efficiency Directive) which covers the yield requirements for new generation boilers.
In addition, all the country who have ratified the Kyoto and Rio protocols are committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 2010.