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What performance do I need ?

From fuel to output

After having chosen the fuel source, ask yourself questions about the performance you need from your system. Given that 71% of the total fuel costs of a household are spent on domestic heating, it is a good idea to install an efficient system !

The required performance is mainly determined by:

  • the size of the area to be heated
  • how well the home is insulated and where it is located
  • the number of occupants in the home
  • your domestic hot water requirements

Today, domestic heating requirements have been reduced thanks to improved insulation. In contrast, domestic hot water requirements have dramatically increased. Quite often it is the volume of domestic hot water production which influences the required performance of the boiler.

Ever increasing energy efficiency

A boiler which is more than 25 years old has lost 25% of its efficiency and costs 30% more in terms of fuel. The modern burner - boiler duo guarantees better combustion and an optimal yield of between 92 - 95%. This means that 92% to 95% of the fuel consumed by the boiler is released as heat. This percentage climbs over 100% with the use of condensing boilers which capture the latent heat contained in the water vapour produced by burning gas or oil. 

The De Dietrich condensing range consists of several models which ensure integrated heating comfort, and domestic hot water production whilst complying with the strictest norms of environmental protection.
These include :

  • Floor standing gas-fired boilers : Elidens, Ecodens, SBK
  • The oil-fired floor-standing boilers : GTU C 120
  • Gas-fired wall-mounted boilers : Innovens, Vivandens

Prize-winning innovation

De Dietrich was awarded the Janus Industry * prize in January 2006 for its Elitec and Elidens boilers.
The opinion of the jury from the French Design Institute
“ This range of products illustrates the renewal of the De Dietrich company. Its intelligent design means it is in perfect harmony with its time. It shows a pertinent response to a market need. The jury was also impressed by the environmental factors that were taken into account : energy savings and the use of burners with low emissions.”
* The Janus de l'Industrie is a prize which has been awarded since 1953 by the French Design Institute, a partner of the e-Mergences initiative for cutting-edge projects. 

Wood-burning systems : still relevant today

In the category of high yield systems, we also find wood-burning heating systems. Their yield can be greater than 70%, and can even reach 88%, depending on the type of boiler.
The CBB, CBP, CBM, CBI ranges are equipped with a combustion chamber in refractory concrete, which creates high yields and guarantees the durability of the heating chamber.
De Dietrich has designed its systems to work with one another, so you can make the most of different fuel sources by combining a variety of systems. For example, a wood-burning boiler can be combined with an oil or gas-fired boiler, a heat pump or a Dietrisol Quadro solar installation for heating and domestic hot water production.

Heat pumps : ecological and economical

A heat pump draws energy from the natural environment (air, water, ground) and uses it to heat and cool your home at a very economical rate. There are two systems that are used to achieve ecological and economical heating : Aerothermics and Geothermics. The air, water and the ground are sources of large quantities of energy which are constantly renewed thanks to rainfall and the sun's rays.
Even if there is record breaking cold in winter, the performance of the De Dietrich heat pumps, which can operate at up to -20°C, remains constant. Furthermore, by opting for a reversible heat pump, you will benefit from a cooler house in summer.
Our heat pumps have been designed to integrate perfectly into your existing installation. You can combine them with solar equipment, a boiler or additional electric heating.

Do not hesitate to ask your De Dietrich supplier for advice. They will precisely estimate the scale of heating equipment you require, the output you will need and the space required to house it. They will take into account not only the technical parameters but also your budget, your lifestyle and your expectations in terms of comfort.