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Where should I install it ?

On the floor or on the wall ?

The installation of a boiler generally depends on the space available and on the fuel source. It no longer depends on whether there is a chimney flue or not.

The wall-mounted boiler takes up little space, is silent and light, frees up space on the ground and can be easily installed in your kitchen, your bathroom or in a cupboard. Operating on gas, and available in a number of outputs ranging from 8 kW to 35 kW, it is particularly suitable for heating an apartment or an individual home, and produces unlimited domestic hot water.

The floor-standing boiler is powered by gas or oil, generally offers greater output, ranging from 15kW to 70kW and is ideal for heating a large house. It can be easily integrated between the floor-standing units in a kitchen.

The forced-flue boiler is the ideal solution when there is no chimney flue, or as a replacement for electric heating, or to avoid having to renovate an old chimney. Whether it be wall-mounted or floor-standing, it adapts to all types of homes.

Your heating engineer can advise you about the best solution for your home.