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The production sites

We are never better served than when we do it ourselves. This observation has led De Dietrich to manufacture its own products and principal components in its own production centres.

From boilers to control units, via burners and domestic hot water calorifiers, the production is thus centred on 5 specialised and complementary industrial sites. 

  • The site at Mertzwiller in France is dedicated to the assembly of cast iron floor-standing boilers and the manufacture of domestic hot water calorificators and control units.  
Usine de production de Mertzwiller
  • Low, medium and high power condensation boilers are assembled at Apeldoorn in Holland.
Usine Remeha
  • The pressure burners are manufactured in Thann in France and the electric immersion water heaters in Saint-Louis in France
Site de production de Thann