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Thermodynamic water heater

There are savings in the air with Kaliko thermodynamic water heaters

So what's a thermodynamic water heater when it's at home?

A thermodynamic water heater is a hot water tank fitted with an aerothermal heat pump. The system extracts the energy found in the air and uses it to heat the water in the tank. The thermodynamic water heater uses a form of energy which is renewable, free and inexhaustible: air. It therefore limits the use of fossil energies and emits much less greenhouse gas than a conventional water heater. It allows you to make significant savings on your hot water bill. As part of a renovation project, it can be used in combination with other forms of energy.

How does it work?

Just like heat pumps, the thermodynamic water heater is powered by electricity. The energy consumed is used to run the system that extracts calorific energy from the air to heat the water. With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 3.42*,  the Kaliko thermodynamic water heater recovers up to 3.42 kWh of energy for 1 kWh consumed.

Enjoying a broad operating range from -15°C to +42°C, the thermodynamic water heater is operational even in winter to guarantee you an abundance of hot water. In extreme temperature conditions, the electrical backup takes over. You will never be short of hot water!


Kaliko thermodynamic water heaters mean:

  • Up to 65% savings on your bill compared with a conventional water heater
  • An environmentally friendly solution that uses clean, renewable energy
  • 70% of your hot water free
  • The needs of a family of up to 6 people covered
  • A return on your investment in less than 3 years*

Discover our range of thermodynamic water heaters and its 3 innovative solutions:

KALIKO: suitable for all renovation projects

The Kaliko thermodynamic water heater has a broad operating range from -5°C to +35°C for year-round use and can meet the entire family's hot water needs:

  • Possible to use in combination with an existing boiler or solar energy
  • Detachable digital screen for straightforward, intuitive control
  • A control system with 4 operating modes
  • Energy recovery from the ambient air, the outside air or the extracted air
  • Capacity of 214 to 270 litres

KALIKO SPLIT: ideal in new build projects

Thanks to the refrigerant connections between the hot water tank and the outdoor module, the Kaliko Split thermodynamic water heater is easy to install with no damage to the impermeability of walls and insulation:

  • Space-saving solution, easy to install
  • Acoustic comfort thanks to the outdoor module
  • Capacities of 200 or 270 litres for an abundance of domestic hot water
  • Year-round running at temperatures of -15°C to 42°C

KALIKO ESSENTIEL: at an attractive price

The Kaliko Essentiel thermodynamic water heater is perfectly suited to a home renovation project. It is easily installed in any unheated room (a cellar, for example) and allows you to make savings of up to 65% on heating your domestic hot water:

  • Ideal replacement for an electric water heater
  • 3 times less CO2 than a conventional water heater
  • Return on your investment in less than 3 years*
  • Capacity 180 or 230 litres

*Depending on the model