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A high quality, economic air conditioner

De Dietrich air conditioners enable the perfect temperature to be defined in each room of the home. Thanks to smart indoor units which connect to the Wi-Fi, it is now possible to set the temperature directly from a smartphone, using the Smart Clim application. Our air conditioners are efficient, independent, environmentally-friendly, discreet and highly practical.

What are the benefits of installing an air conditioner?

De Dietrich air conditioners offer many benefits, like reversible heat pumps. There are many reasons why having a reversible air conditioner installed in your home is beneficial.
• Just one installation provides both heating and air conditioning.
• This potentially allows for major savings to be made on installation costs and maintenance of the appliance.
• It takes up less space than having two systems.
• It is a green solution which uses R32 refrigerant, which is three times better for the environment than the type conventionally used (R410A), with zero impact on the ozone layer
• It is an economic solution thanks to its ECO function and its SEER in cooling mode of up to 6.8, classed as A++.
• The air conditioner automatically adapts its operation to reach the desired temperature
• Comfort is guaranteed all year round, with the reversible air conditioner cooling the home in summer and heating it in winter.
• The Wi-Fi function allows the installation to be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Schéma coparatif d'un climatiseur réversible monosplit et multisplit

How does a reversible air conditioner work?

The reversible air conditioner, or reversible air-source heat pump, is a dual-function appliance. It acts as an air conditioner when the weather is warm, and provides heating on cold days. The reversible air-source heat pump is one of the most common installations in residential buildings. So, how does it work?

The reversible heat pump uses a very simple principle. In heating mode, the heat pump captures the free energy available outside of the home, transferring its heat to warm air inside the home. Conversely, for air conditioning, the heat pump draws the warm air from inside the home, conveying it outside and cooling the air inside.

How to choose an air conditioner

Your air conditioner should be chosen based on the required level of performance, economy, comfort, safety and well-being.
• You should select an air conditioner which offers high level of performance, i.e. a SEER of around 6.8 for the air conditioning function. The SEER corresponds to the annual performance in cooling mode
• Opt for a reversible appliance to have heating in winter and comfort in the summer.
• Choose a relatively low noise level: De Dietrich products offer the "gold standard" in this respect
• Select a model with a host of built-in features, such as a "self-cleaning" function to ensure the air in your home is always clean and healthy.
• Go for a smart model with a built-in Wi-Fi function.

Fonctionnement d'un climatiseur réversible Clim'up

Our range of air conditioners

De Dietrich air conditioners have been designed to reflect our values: quality, reliability and durability. Dedicated to respecting the environment and ensuring your comfort, we offer green appliances which draw on renewable sources of energy. There is a monosplit model which includes 1 indoor unit, and a multisplit model which can include 1 to 3 indoor units. Several operating modes are available: automatic mode to ensure optimal operation in summer or winter, dehumidification or ventilation mode for clean and healthy air inside the home. A programmable infrared remote control can be used to manage the entire installation, a truly practical feature.

picture for air conditioning air to air heat pump Clim'up

CLIM'UP Reversible air-to-air heat pump

Reversible air-to-air heat pump to provide air-conditioning and heating