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Reversible air-to-air heat pump


The CLIM'UP range offers high levels of performance with a SCOP of up to 4.22 for heating and a SEER of up to 6.8 for air conditioning. Adapt your use to meet your needs, with Full DC Inverter technology offering increased efficiency and well-managed consumption. All year round comfort is guaranteed with a heating mode operating in winter temperatures of down to -15 °C, plus an air conditioning mode for summer.


With a sound level of just 20 dB(A), air conditioners in the Clim'up range are amongst the quietest on the market. The indoor unit has a self-cleaning system to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria within your home, ensuring maximum comfort when using the unit. With five operating modes, you can regulate the temperature of your surroundings, eliminate draughts, and dehumidify or ventilate your rooms. Clim'up has an integrated Wi-Fi function which allows you to manage your indoor unit remotely via the De Dietrich Smart Clim application.


Depending on the chosen model, the CLIM'UP unit can integrate up to 3 smart indoor modules which allow you to individually set the temperature in each of your rooms, in both air conditioning mode and heating mode. Using the Smart Clim application, you can configure an individual ambiance for each of your rooms to suit your preferences.

  • An output of 2.5 kW to 8 kW
  • Comfort all year round
  • Can integrate up to 3 indoor modules
  • Remote control using Wi-Fi

  • Silent operation, with the indoor unit running from 20 dB
  • Use of environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant
  • Adapted to provide air conditioning and heating

Details of the models

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Clim'up EMSM
Clim'up MUSE
Clim'up UCE
Clim'up UGE
Clim'up UCARE