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Gas burners
Medium and high outputs (60 to 2290 kW)

Medium and high output gas burners produce very high yields whilst only consuming the minimum of energy, resulting in a maximum of energy savings. The use of the Duopress ® system, unique to De Dietrich, guarantees clean combustion.
Whether one or two stage, or built-in modulating burners, they ensure stable and clean combustion. Nevertheless, the modulating burner makes it possible to adapt to requirements more precisely and to obtain to greater boiler outputs whilst reducing the number of on/off cycles, limiting the wear on the boiler and the production of polluant emissions during these phases.
They are equipped with a sliding clamp which enables them to be fitted to any type of boiler. While they are particularly suitable for the De Dietrich boilers, they can be adapted to any boiler on the market.
Each burner is tested and pre-set in the factory, making them even quicker to install.

  • High combustion efficiency
  • Environmental protection
  • Simple to install and to maintain
  • Low noise level

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Characteristics of the range

Models G 300 S G 300 N G 40 S
Output range 60 - 410 kW 55 - 405 kW 205 - 1030 kW
Fuel source Natural gas Natural gas
Natural gas
1 stage G 301-2 S    
2 stages  
modulating G 303-. S  
Suitable for the following boilers GT 335 - 339
GT 408 - 409
CA 400-200 to -300
GT 330
CA 430
GT 400
GTE 507 - 516
CA 400-350 to -600
CA 500-800 to -900

Details of the models

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G 300 N
G 40 S
G 50 S