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Gas burners
Small and Medium outputs (16 - 123 kW)

Energy savings, environmental protection, silent operation and optimal home heating comfort : gas burners respond to all of these concerns with their high performances and their low emissions of pollutants.
In addition to an elegant design, in either a 1 stage or modulating version, they offer perfect operational safety and optimal combustion stability. The result is maximal efficiency, a energy savings and reliability over time.
Delivered entirely assembled, they have been tested and have undergone ignition tests in the factory. An ideal match for De Dietrich boiler, De Dietrich burners can also be fitted to all the boilers on the market, regardless of brand.

  • An innovative concept
  • Simple to ignite
  • Energy savings and clean combustion
  • Low noise level
  • Performance and safe operation

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Characteristics of the range

Models G 110 N G 200 S G 200 N
Output range 17 - 79 kW 38 - 79 kW 50 - 123 kW
Fuel source      
1 stage G 110 N G 200/1 S G 201/2 N
Modulating     G 203/2 N
NOx emissions
Low NOx NOx<56 mg/kWh NOx<80 mg/kWh  
Eco.NOx     NOx<70 mg/kWh
Suitable for the following boilers EF 22/29/36/46
GT 224/225/226

GT 224 - 225
GT 2204 and GT 2205
GT 226 - 228
GT 304 II

Details of the models

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G 110 N
G 200 N