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G 200 N

The G 200 N burners offer robust materials, optimal use of energy, acoustic comfort and durability. The use of the Duopress ® system, unique to De Dietrich, results in improved aeraulics : it generates a high level of air pressure which gives more stability at ignition and clean and stable combustion over time, which is barely affected by variations in atmospheric pressure. This technically advanced performances results in energy savings and reliability over the years.
At a time when greenhouse gases are the main cause of pollution, the Eco.NOx G 200 N burners have NOx emission values which are lower than the strictest European limits.
  • Output range: 50 - 123 kW
  • Operation: 1 stage (G 201/2N) or modulating (G 203/2N)
  • NOx emissions : NOx < 70 mg/kWh
  • Dimensions : H 538 x L 259 x P 755 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg

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