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Photo produit chaudière gaz à condensation IX 145


IX 145 - 245
Gas-fired floor-standing condensing boilers for collective housing

Global performance with the new STAINLESS STEEL range

The new IX range of high-performance boilers for collective housing are compact and modular, making them compatible with all configurations.


Adapts to your needs

Rock-solid reliability.

The control system module is easy to use and can be integrated in an existing BMS environment to optimise the whole installation.

Large modulation range.

Silent and environmentally friendly with NOx emissions below 35 mg.

Simplified set-up with full integration of low-loss header kits for greater safety and peace of mind.


Future-proof your installation for the long-term

Full integration of hydraulic separator kits.

Supplied as a complete kit.

A pre-sized kit, with no need for additional calculations.

The kit ensures hydraulic independence: the boiler is now deemed to be operating at zero flow.

Optimisation of condensation thanks to kit components and management of the control system.

  • Rock-solid reliability
  • Easy-to-use control system module
  • Full integration of low-loss header kits

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

IX 145 - 50/70
IX 145 - 90/110
IX 245 - 130/150
IX 245 - 200/250