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Foto prodotti DIEMATIC iSystem


A new control system with an integrated control panel: ergonomic, intuitive, intelligent and designed to manage systems.
Newly created for the Innovens boiler, it will be gradually rolled out for all the products in the Advance range.

Hi Tech design and excellent ergonomics
User friendly and ergonomic, Diematic iSystem control panel offers simple navigation thanks to:
- a single, rotating button
and is very easy to read thanks to:
- a new, extra large LCD display of 10 x 5.5 cm
- clear text display

Managing different types of modern boilers
Diematic iSystem control offers more functions and is capable of managing 2 basic circuits and 3 optional circuits for modern multi-energy, evolving heating solutions.

Interactive and can be integrated into « smart home automation systems »
This new control system can be interfaced with all the other equipment in your home using the “In One by Legrand” home automation system, thanks to:
- a capacity to control the boiler by life scenario remote controls
- use of the Internet gateway to be able to control directly the home central heating system
  • High-tech design and easy navigation
  • Extended functionalities and options
  • Capable of managing multi-energy systems
  • Ready for future integration in the « smart home automation systems »