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Electric immersion heaters

The new generation COR-EMAIL water heater provides an enhanced level of comfort combining user-friendliness with a life span twice as long.

A higher level of comfort

Make the most of the advantages of the new Cor-émail:
• Keeping the water temperature above 55°C guarantees the availability of clean hot water at any time;
• The electronic thermostat allows you to make energy savings and provides the water heater with an anti-burn system.

Lasts twice as long

Cor-émail water heaters are fitted with an anti-scaling system and Titan Hybrid System (THS) anti-corrosion technology. The inner vessel is protected in the long term and the life span of your water heater is doubled.
The various models available allow an accurate adaptation to your needs and perfect integration in your living space: kitchen, cupboard, bathroom, cellar or loft...

Reliable materials for less maintenance

Fitted with an electronic board incorporating a thermostat, an anti-scaling and a THS anti-corrosion system, and a new heating indicator light, these new water heaters are also very easy to control and guarantee optimal safety.
The tank lining in vitrified enamel and the non-corroding titanium anode guarantee water which is always pure and easy maintenance.

  • High precision thanks to electronic intelligence
  • Unequalled safety with a new THS anti-corrosion system and the heating indicator light
  • Plentiful hot water at a constant temperature
  • Doubled life span and less maintenance

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Characteristics of the range

Use Sink Washbasin + small Bathtub
Sink + Washbasin + Shower
Sink + Washbasin + Bathtub
Number of people
 Needs in L
30-40 L
3- 4
40-50 L
50-75 L
80-120 L
75-95 L
120-170 L
150-190 L
90-150 L
150-240 L
195-340 L
Water heater block
Under sink
10-15 L
Over sink
10-15-30 L
Vertical wall-hung water heaters
50 L                  
75 L                  
100 L              
150 L            
200 L                
Horizontal wall- or celling-hung water heaters
100 L              
150 L            
200 L                
Floor-standing water heaters
150 L            
200 L                
250 L                  
300 L                
500 L                  

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

Hot water tank CES
Vertical wall-hung
Armoured CEB