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Foto de producto BLC 150 - 500

B models
Independent domestic hot water calorifiers

Quality comfort
With the independent DHW calorifiers from the B range, a plentiful supply of domestic hot water is produced by combining a heat network with a De Dietrich boiler, irrespective of the energy used.
The three models, ranging from 150 to 1000 litres, enable an exact adaptation to actual needs, whether in individual homes or collective housing, hotels or sports complexes and shopping malls. The heat exchangers, the internal protection in vitrified enamel and the enhanced insulation ensure a high quality water supply, fast reheating and low standby losses, thus keeping the hot water at the right temperature all year round.

  • High quality hot water
  • Enhanced insulation
  • As much hot water as you need

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Characteristics of the range

Models BPB 150 to 500 BLC 150 to  500 B 650 /800 / 1000
Capacity 150 to 500 l 150 to 500 l 650, 800 to 1000 l
Heating surface
1 to 3,14 m² 0,72 to 2,22 m² 3,9 to 4,5 m²
Exchanged output
33 to 93 kW 28 to 70 kW 101 to 135 kW
Tank protection
 Magnesium anode
 Magnesium anode
ICA anode
PUR 75 mm  PUR 50 mm PUR 50 mm
 Fixed smooth white ABS
 Fixed textured white ABS
 Detachable white aluminium
Resistor option
 No Yes  No

Details of the models

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BLC 150 to 500 L
BPB 150 to 500 L
B650 - 3000 tanks