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RSB 800 to 3000
Domestic hot water storage tanks

RSB enamel tanks are designed to be integrated into domestic hot water solar storage systems.

The advantages of RSB high-performance domestic hot water storage tanks:

  • RSB tanks are designed to be used with STS or STDB solar systems (name of the systems) which have a built-in plate heat exchanger for the solar circuit. They store domestic hot water for the solar system, which has been preheated via the main DHW production for the building in question, until it is ready to be used.
  • Storage of large quantities of hot water (800 to 3000 litres).
  • Thick steel tank with a vitreous enamel coating on the inside.
  • Durability guaranteed by a magnesium anode with a charge indicator to prevent corrosion of the tank.
  • Easy to install: specifically sized to allow it to fit through doorways, the tank has a side inspection hatch to facilitate maintenance during statutory inspections.


Tanks are available with a DN 110 or DN 400 side inspection hatch.

Details of the models

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RSB 1000 to 3000 THS DN 400 HS
RSB 800 to 3000 HR/HS