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CF / CFU EcoNox
New Range – Oil/gas low temperature boiler

The new range of CF / CFU Econox boilers stands out for its high performance, which complies with the latest requirements of the Eco-design and Energy labeling directives. Using low temperature technology, this range offers high efficiency of up to 93.3% and guarantees optimal use of fuel oil for your heating and domestic hot water.
Modern design and cutting-edge compactness
Thanks to its very silent operation, the CF / CFU EcoNox range is particularly discreet. Among its key advantages, we can also cite its new very compact design which faces congestion problems.

The products in this range are fitted with the factory-fitted E-Pilot control panel, one of the most innovative connected solutions from the De Dietrich brand. This regulation has a screen backlit in clear text to simplify its handling. It guarantees the required warmth comfort throughout the home while saving energy. In just a few clicks you can change its set temperature (room or DHW) and program for a period (day and night or comfort and reduced).
Take advantage of functions such as vacation mode. Your boiler adapts to your presence: you set the number of days of absence and it starts automatically to ensure comfort when you return.

An eco-friendly oil boiler? This is possible with the CF / CFU EcoNox range. The low NOx burner, which is characterized by a clean and optimized combustion, ensures you to consume just what you need, and a low polluting emission.

• High performance:
• Efficiency at 30% (return 30 ° C) up to 97.3%
• Low polluting emissions, class NOx 3

  • Annual efficiency up to 93.3%
  • Compact design
  • Burner meeting the highest environmental and performance requirements
  • Design of the 3-way smoke circuit for silent operation
  • Operation at modulated low temperature up to 30 °C and complete cooling between 2 heating requests

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

CF EcoNox for heating only
CF or CFU EcoNox for heating and DHW production
CFU EcoNox for heating only
CF or CFU EcoNox for heating and DHW production