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Floor-standing boilers

De Dietrich all-energy floor-standing boilers

De Dietrich floor-standing boilers are installed in a living space (kitchen, garage, basement). They cater for heating and domestic hot water requirements up to 100 kW. A floor-standing boiler combines performance and enhanced comfort, and is equally suited to small and large homes, both new builds and renovations.

The De Dietrich floor-standing boiler offering comprises boilers that run on oil, gas or solid fuel (wood or wood pellets). Floor-standing boilers can also be used with renewable energy sources, heat pumps or solar installations. They are robust, made from cast iron or steel and use two types of operating technology: condensing or low temperature. De Dietrich floor-standing boilers respond to the need for energy saving, silent running, optimal comfort and full system reliability.

Advantages of De Dietrich floor-standing boilers

  • De Dietrich eutectic cast iron: globally renowned for its resistance to corrosion and thermal shock
  • Control system range
  • Durable and robust: service life between 15 and 30 years
  • Adapts to all situations for optimal comfort
  • Guaranteed efficiency: high performance, further enhanced for floor-standing condensing boilers

Floor-standing condensing boiler: energy savings and environmental protection

The floor-standing condensing boiler works by recovering heat from the water vapour contained in the flue gases produced, and provides greater heating capacity for less energy. Recovery of latent heat offers performance of up to 109 % for De Dietrich floor-standing condensing boilers. These boilers allow for better management of energy consumption while minimising pollutant emissions.

Combined with solar installation, heat pump or wood renewable energy, the condensing boiler is one of the most economical and environmentally respectful versions available.

Discover the range of floor-standing boilers De Dietrich

Gas condensing boiler

TWINEO gas condensing boiler

  • Attractive price
  • Easy to use thanks to its Inicontrol control panel
  • Energy savings of up to 30%*
  • Lower CO2 emissions

Gas condensing boiler

MODULENS gas condensing boiler

  • Up to 30% savings
  • Lower polluting emissions
  • Multi-energy compatible
  • Efficiency up to 109% 

Photo produit chaudière fioul à condensation Modulens O - AFC


  • Boiler can be combined with several types of DHW tank depending on your needs
  • Diematic iSystem top of the range control system
  • Patented system for the modulating oil burner
  • Compact and fully equipped

Floor standing boilers CFX

CFX cast iron oil/gas boilers

  • Compact to fit anywhere
  • Silent running
  • Easy connections and servicing

CF / CFU EcoNox Oil/gas low temperature boiler

  • High performances
  • A robustness to any test
  • Connected product

CFU C CONDENS Compact condensing boiler with integrated fuel oil jet burners

  • High energy performance product
  • Compact design
  • Connected product
  • Comfortable solutions

Chaudiere fioul/gaz GT 220

Cast iron fuel oil / gas GT 220

  • Economic and silent operation 
  • Burner, regulation, domestic hot water: personalised comfort
  • Installation and maintenance made easier

Gas DTG X ... N

  • High output and energy savings
  • Sober design
  • Comfort and simplicity