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Chaudière fioul à condensation NeOvo

NeOvo Econox
Low temperature oil boiler (from 22 to 29 kW)

High performance oil boiler

The new range of NeOvo EcoNox boilers guarantees you high performance, in line with the most recent requirements of the Directives on EcoDesign and Energy Labelling. Using low temperature technology, this range offers you high efficiency of up to 97.3% and guarantees optimum oil consumption for your heating and domestic hot water.

Compactness and cutting edge control

Thanks to its very silent running, the NeOvo EcoNox range is particularly discreet. Moreover, its considerable compactness means that it takes up as little space as possible. The range also comes with a choice of control panel – B-Control or IniControl-2 – allowing you to manage the timer program on various circuits, as well as the hot water. If you add a modulating room temperature thermostat, you can optimise consumption and your heating comfort to whatever temperature suits you.

Environmentally friendly

NeOvo is an environmentally friendly range of boilers. The low NOx burner, which is characterised by its clean, optimised combustion, guarantees that you consume just what you need and considerably reduces pollutant emissions.

  • Annual efficiency up to 97.3%
  • Compact design
  • Silent running
  • New burner that satisfies the most stringent requirements

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Characteristics of the range

Models NeOvo EcoNox EFU NeOvo EcoNox EF
Type Low temperature
Performance - Heating
Performance - Domestic Hot Water
Output (in kW) 22-29 kW 22-29 kW
Integrated burner
Heating only
Heating + Domestic Hot Water
With 110 litre tank

(except version 29 kW)
With 160 litre tank
Forced flue (vertical/horizontal)  
Control systems
Outside sensor
optional optional

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

NeOvo Econox EF
NeOvo Econox EF / VEL 110
NeOvo Econox EF / VEL 160
NeOvo Econox EFU
NeOvo Econox EFU / VEL 110
NeOvo Econox EFU / VEL 160