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Air/water heat pump inverter from 6 to 16 kW

The air, water and earth are sources of large quantities of energy, which are constantly renewed. The heat pump extracts the heat present in the natural environment and returns it to you to heat your home in winter or cool it down in summer.

A winning investment
ALEZIO offers a quick return on your investment thanks to its attractive price, the tax incentive that you can take advantage of, and its excellent performance. For 1 kWh of electricity consumed, the heat pump produces up to 4.2 kWh of heat. You, therefore, get up to 3.2 kWh absolutely free. In addition, the Inverter system adapts the output to your needs, i.e. a 30% saving compared with a traditional heat pump.

An easy to install system
Air source (air/water principle) means capturing the calories in the outside air by means of a heat pump. A solution that is easy to implement, as it requires no collection area. Heating is handled via a hydraulic circuit that powers underfloor heating/cooling, radiators or fan coil units.

Protecting nature
Choosing to heat your home with an efficient heat pump means choosing a non-pollutant, environmentally friendly energy source: no use of fossil fuels, no CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. By minimising the impact on the planet, the environment is protected.

  • Energy savings of up to 70%
  • 100% clean, renewable energy
  • Comfort all year round

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