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Photo produit ALEZIO S V200

Air-source heat pump

A new optimised design


Suitable for new or renovated properties, the new Alezio S V200 range of heat pumps provides an output of between 4.5 kW and 16 kW. The COP reaches a level of 5.11. The new models are outstandingly compact: W 600 mm x D 748 mm x H 1250 mm (30 cm shallower than previous models) to meet the needs of new buildings.


Different operating modes


The Alezio S V200 is available in an all-electric version suitable for new buildings, or with a back-up boiler, suitable for renovation projects and equipped with a smart hybrid control system which ensures optimised management of the heat pump and boiler. In winter or summer, enjoy perfect comfort every day thanks to reversible technology for underfloor heating/cooling, and domestic hot water thanks to the integrated 180 l domestic hot water (DHW) tank. In summer, air conditioning can be provided by convection fans if the "Insulation kit" option is taken up.


Protecting the environment


The Alezio S V200 heat pump does not emit any CO2 into the atmosphere; in fact, it produces only clean, 100 % renewable energy. The R410A refrigerant used is not a source of pollution, and helps to protect the ozone layer.


Connected solution


This new range of Alezio S V200 heat pumps is compatible with the Smart TC° connected thermostat available from the App store or Google Play.

  • More compact dimensions
  • Financial savings of up to 70 %
  • Air conditioning in summer and heating in winter

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

Alezio S 4,5 MR V 200
Alezio S 6 MR V200
Alezio S 8 MR V200
Alezio S 11 MR/TR V200
Alezio S 16 MR/TR V200