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BEPC 300

Mixed DHW calorifier for heat pumps

Domestic Hot Water included
The BEPC 300 DHW calorifier is used in combination with an air/water or ground source heat pump. Heat pumps take heat that is present in the environment (ground or air) and use it at a very economical price for domestic heating.

This solution enables you, not only to benefit from optimal heating comfort, but also to have an excellent level of domestic hot water comfort, whilst still making energy savings.

With a 300 litre capacity, the BEPC 300 tank meets the domestic hot water requirements of a family of 4/5 people.

  • A high performance solution for domestic hot water
  • 300 litre enamelled tank
  • Energy savings
  • Optimal Efficiency

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Characteristics of the range

Model BEPC 300
Capacity 300 litres
Coil exchange surface 2,5 m²
Electrical Heating Time 15-65 °C
5,5 h
Electrical Power 3000 W

Details of the models

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BEPC 300