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Photo produit preparateur ecs BEPC 300

BEPC 300

When linked with an air/water or ground source heat pump, the BEPC 300 mixed DHW calorifier guarantees savings on energy and a higher level of domestic hot water comfort.

The surface area of the exchanger, which is in the shape of a coil, has been optimised to provide a rapid and uniform rise in temperature and a magnesium anode prevents corrosion of the enamelled tank. Thanks to an electrical resistance with an integrated thermostat, you have constant availability of high quality domestic hot water, whilst economising on energy.

The compact dimensions (60 cm diameter, 176 cm height), of the BEPC 300 make it easy to install and to integrate into your home.

  • Capacity : 300 litres
  • Exchanger surface : 2.5 m²
  • Dimensions (mm) : H 170 X 600
  • Empty weight : 72 kg

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