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Dietrisol combined solar systems
For the production of domestic hot water and/or heating back-up

Ecological and economical

Storing solar energy for producing hot water and using it to contribute to heating your house and/or a swimming pool, allows you to benefit from a free inexhaustible source of energy. Moreover, solar energy use releases no harmful substances into the environment as, unlike fossil energies, it does not produce polluting emissions.

Complete high-performance solutions.

The innovative DIETRISOL range of solar systems can be used to construct many different solutions, almost made-to-measure, and you achieve the highest efficiency from solar energy contribution.
Depending on your needs, you have a choice between two products:
- The "Performance" solution with the DIETRISOL QUADRO DU, DUC and DUP systems,
- The "Comfort" solution with the DIETRISOL PS systems.

The solar solutions are compatible with all the other energy sources in our range (heat pumps, boilers, etc.), while providing a guarantee of reliable operation, safety and optimisation of solar energy.

  • Up to 60% of domestic hot water and 40% of heating needs provided by solar energy
  • Environmentally friendly, economical systems
  • Multi-energy systems
  • Warranty and operating safety
  • Significant subsidies

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Characteristics of the range

Living space
≤ 100 m² ≤ 130 m² ≤ 170 m² > 170 m²
"Performance" system

Solar panels
8 m²         
DUP/DUC/DU 500 9 - 10 m²      
DUC/DU 750 9 - 10 m²       
DUP/DUC/DU 500 13 - 15 m²  
DUC/DU 750 13 - 15 m²    
DUC/DU 750 17 - 20 m²    
"Comfort" system
PS 500  8 m²   •         
PS 800-2
9 - 10 m²      
PS 1000-2 9 - 10 m²       
PS 1000-2 13 - 15 m²    
PS 1500-2 13 - 15 m²      
PS 1500-2 17 - 20 m²    

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

PRO D230 solar collector
Dietrisol QUADRO DUC
Dietrisol QUADRO DU
Dietrisol PS