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DIETRISOL, solar heating systems
For the production of individual domestic hot water

Solar energy for hot water

The Sun provides an inexhaustible source of non-polluting energy…100% free. With the DIETRISOL solar systems, De Dietrich provides innovative technology for your comfort and the benefit of the environment.
Protection of the planet, energy savings, significant reduction in your energy bills, optimum comfort with hot water, reliability of the system and quality of materials: DIETRISOL solar energy systems have all of these advantages.

A complete high-performance solution.

To meet your expectations as closely as possible, the DIETRISOL TRIO solution consists of collectors PRO D 230, a domestic hot water calorifier and a control panel.

The individual solar energy water heater can meet up to 60% of your annual needs. In cases where solar energy is not sufficient to supply all your needs, it is necessary to have a backup source of energy. This energy source can be gas, oil, electricity or even, in certain cases, a heat pump or wood.

  • Environmentally friendly, economical systems
  • Up to 60% of fuel domestic hot water for free
  • Compatible with any other system
  • Warranty and operating safety
  • Significant subsidies

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Characteristics of the range

Number of people in the home
 2 - 3 pers
 4 - 5 pers
  1 X PRO D 230
2,3 m2
2 X PRO D 230
4,6 m2
Trio 250
 •   •
Trio 350     •

Details of the models

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PRO D230 solar collector