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Solar installations

Discover the solar installations De Dietrich

Système INISOL UNO : chauffage par capteur solaire thermique, production d'eau chaude sanitaire

INISOL, solar system for individual domestic hot water production

  • Up to 60% of your annual domestic hot water free
  • A solution which is both compact (space-saving DHW tank) and stylish (collector with frame in very hard wearing aluminium
  • Optimal comfort with large volumes of water available (200- to 500-litre DHW tanks)
  • Environmentally friendly solution

Dietrisol, solar heating systems for the production of individual domestic hot water

  • Up to 60% of your annual domestic hot water needs free
  • Domestic hot water comfort
  • “Performance” and “comfort” systems to cover all of your needs
  • Systems composed of solar collectors, DHW tanks and control systems
  • Additional energy needed, compatible with all other systems (oil-fired, gas, wood boiler, heat pump, electric)

The DIETRISOL solar systems for solar heating and production of domestic hot water.

  • Management of domestic hot water and additional heating
  • « Performance » or « comfort » system to meet all needs and all configurations
  • Systems composed of solar collectors (thermal solar panels), calorifiers and control systems (one of the models incoporates a condensing gas boiler as standard)
  • Compatible with all other heating systems (oil-fired, gas, wood boiler, heat pump, electric)

Collective installations

  • Eco-friendly heating solution
  • Free energy
  • Performance and reliability over time