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CF 120 CSE

The CF 120 CSE is designed for heating only.
The large size of the exchange surface and the performance of the insulation mean that the fuel is used to its best maximum efficiency, whether it is coal based (coke or anthracite) or wood (logs). The design of the smoke circuit limits fouling up and a large door makes it easy to load. You can also make the most of your installation by associating it with other fuel sources : such as an oil or gas boiler, a heat pump or a Dietrisol QUADRO system for the production of domestic hot water and heating.
  • Output: 25 - 49 kW
  • Dimensions of combustion chamber (mm): H 520 x L 360 x D 280/830
  • Fittings: safety exchanger (optional)
  • Dimensions (mm): H 1045 x L 527 x D 673/1223
  • Empty weight: 440 kg max

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