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Wall-hung gas condensing boiler

Condensing technology

Save energy by recovering the heat emitted by the steam. Combined with a Diematic Evolution control system and a modulating gas burner, the Evodens boiler can be controlled to suit your needs while emitting a very low level of pollutants.

High energy efficiency

Equipped with a 22 to 100 % modulating burner, the Evodens allows the output to be perfectly adapted to your requirements and keeps the electricity consumption down thanks to the high energy efficiency modulating circulating pump.

Pure innovation

The EVODENS range of boilers also benefits from a twofold innovation:
  • a brass hydraulic body for a longer life and superior corrosion resistance
  • the Diematic Evolution control system, compatible with the Smart TC° connected room thermostat available from the App Store and Google Play
  • equipped with Active Refill Technology, the water self-filling system
  • 10-year warranty on the heating body

Perfect integration

With a top-of-the-range, understated design, simplified connection and interior lighting for better visibility, the EVODENS boiler is easy to install and compatible with any type of interior space.

  • Several domestic hot water tank solutions
  • New high-tech, understated design
  • Compatible with the Smart TC° connected thermostat
  • Self-filling system: Active Refill Technology

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Details of the models

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EVODENS AMC 25/28, 25/39 BIC
EVODENS AMC... for heating only
EVODENS AMC ... / BS 130