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Chaudiere ZENA 24 / 24 MI FF par De Dietrich


The Zena 24 MI wall-hung boiler is intended for heating and domestic hot water production.

3-star domestic hot water comfort
This micro-storage hot water model is fitted with a large plate exchanger for an ultra-quick DHW response time, in line with the EN 13.203 standard.

With the Zena boiler, you can control the temperature to the degree.

With its large LCD screen control panel, Zena gives you the essential functions. You can combine it with an outside sensor for greater efficiency and choose your comfort control from 3 thermostats, to be placed in one of the rooms in your home.

Its reduced dimensions, its clean aesthetic line and its connection options (chimney, forced flue or mechanical ventilation) enable it to be installed in any home. Its silent running is in line with the NRA standard.
  • Output: 24 kW
  • Dimensions: H 730 x L 400 x D 299 mm
  • Micro-storage hot water
  • Weight empty: 32 kg

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