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Wall-hung boilers

De Dietrich wall-hung gas boilers

The wall-hung gas condensing or low temperature boiler allows gas heating to be controlled by radiators or underfloor heating and instantaneous or accumulation domestic hot water production (with integrated or additional tank).

This type of wall-hung gas boiler can be installed in both new and renovated apartments and houses.

Advantages of wall-hung boilers 

Space saving: crammed with technology, they are more compact than floor-standing boilers to save on space

Simple, seamless integration: attractive and compact, they can be easily installed in a side room, kitchen, bathroom, cupboard, loft, etc.

Inexpensive to buy with an average service life of 15 years

Suitable for all requirements: heating and domestic hot water for optimal comfort

Guaranteed efficiency: high performance, further enhanced on condensing models.

Gas condensing boiler: energy savings and environmental protection

By recovering heat from the water vapour contained in the flue gases, condensation means greater heating capacity for less energy. Recovery of latent heat offers performance of over 100 %. Wall-hung gas condensing boilers allow for better management of energy consumption while minimising pollutant emissions.

Discover the range of wall-hung boilers De Dietrich

Chaudiere Vivadens MCR par De Dietrich

VIVADENS wall-hung gas condensing boiler

  • A concentrate of technology and simplicity too
  • Output range from 6 to 35 kW
  • High efficiency (109%)
  • Heating only and/or domestic hot water production (instantaneous or by combined tank)
  • 3-star performance for domestic hot water
  • Excellent value for money

Chaudière gaz murale à condensation Naneo

PMC Condensing gas-fired boiler

  • 30 to 40% energy savings
  • Efficiency of 109%
  • Greatly reduced weight: 25 kg
  • Ultra-compact
  • Easy maintenance

Boiler ZENA 24/24MI by De Dietrich

Wall-hung low temperature gas boiler ZENA

The reduced dimensions and the clean aesthetic line of Zena boilers make every installation option available to you:

  • Attractive price,
  • Boiler delivered fully assembled, easy to install and ready to use.
  •  Ultra-compact to fit in anywhere in your home.
  • 24 kW output, ideal for heating and domestic hot water alike.

Product picture wall-hung low temperature gas boiler ZENA Plus MSL 24 MI / MSL 24,28,31 MI FF / MSL 24 FF / MSL 31 FF

ZENA PLUS Gas low temperature

  • Broad range of heating outputs
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • 3-star heating efficiency for the FF versions
  • Attractive price

Photo produit chaudière murale gaz à condensation MPX

MPX wall hung gas condensing boiler

An ideal boiler for the replacing market

  • Compact range with 2 width of widths to adapt to all needs
  • Reliabilbility with its brass hydrobloc and its stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Preset multi-brands replacing kits for the optimisation of the starting up

Photo produit de la chaudière Evodens

Gas condensing boiler EVODENS

  • Energy savings
  • High-tech design
  • Robust and sustainable

Photo Wall-hung boiler NANEO S EMC-S 24/34

Gas condensing boiler NANEO S

  • Reduced dimensions and weight
  • Superior domestic water comfort
  • New control panel

Photo Wall-hung boiler NANEO S EMC-S 24/34

Wall-hung gas condensing boiler PMC-S

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy maintenance

Wall hung gas condensing boiler INIDENS

  • light and compact boiler
  • reliable in every way
  • service friendly
  • flexible installation