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New products

Are you looking for heating solutions which are innovative and reassuring ? De Dietrich offers a range of products adapted to today's requirements.

NeOvo Condens / Econox

Compliant on every point with the new European Directives on EcoDesign and Energy Labelling, the new NeOvo Condens and NeOvo Econox boiler ranges are extremely efficient.

Oil condensing boiler NeOvo Condens
Low temperature oil boiler NeOvo Econox

Make the most of performance (15.07.14)

Make the most of performance with Modulens G, Modulens O and Innovens range.

ZENA PLUS wall-hung low temperature gas boiler (15.04.14)

Zena Plus boilers are intended for heating and/or domestic hot water production.The compact dimensions and the pure, stylish lines of Zena Plus boilers make every installation option possible for you.

Wall hung low temperature gas boiler ZENA PLUS

Chaudière gaz au sol à condensation Modulens
MODULENS gas condensing boiler (01.09.11)

Efficient and environmentally friendly, this new range of gas boilers provides you with optimal heating and hot water comfort. Its control system allows you to manage several heating circuits.

Gas condensing boiler Modulens

picture boiler modulens o
MODULENS O Condensing oil boiler (04.06.13)

Wide range of outputs, modulating burner unique on the market, solution 100% compatible with a solar system: the Modulens O condensing oil boiler range adapts perfectly to your needs, offering you a high technology installation.

Condensing oil boiler Modulens O

picture B models Independent domestic hot water calorifiers
B models Independent domestic hot water tank (04.06.13)

With the independent DHW tanks from the B range, a plentiful supply of domestic hot water is produced by combining a heat network with a De Dietrich boiler, irrespective of the energy used.

Independent domestic hot water calorifiers B models

picture D230 solar collector
PRO D230 flat solar collector (04.06.13)

The new D230 flat solar collector is ultra-efficient and weather-resistant thanks to its solidity whatever the conditions and an anti-overheating system.

Solar collector PRO D230

NANEO Condensing gas boiler (04.06.13)

NANEO is the most compact wall-hung boiler on the market. Efficient and economical, it will offer you optimal heating and domestic hot water comfort as well as making energy savings.

Condensing gas boiler Naneo

Nouveau chauffe eau thermodynamique KALIKO
KALIKO thermodynamic water heater (01.09.11)

KALIKO allows you to produce up to 70% of your hot water thanks to its technology, which recovers heat from the air. With its tank, which contains up to 270 litres, it covers the hot water needs for the entire family.

Heat pump water heater Kaliko

picture new electric water heater cor-email
COR-EMAIL electric water heater (04.06.13)

The new generation Cor-émail water heater provides an enhanced level of comfort combining user-friendliness with a lifespan twice as long.

Electric water heater Cor-email

Installation video NeOvo

Discover the advantages of the new floor-standing boiler NeOvo for a quick and easy installation.