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Photo produit brûleur fioul forte puissance M50 S

M 50 S

The M 50 S high performance oil burners can be adapted easily to the different types of boilers available on the market. They offer high combustion quality and quiet operation. Results in improved aeraulics : it generates a high level of air pressure which gives more stability at ignition and clean and stable combustion over time, which is barely affected by variations in atmospheric pressure. Setting, operating and maintaining them is particularly simple. Each burner is delivered with a series of nozzles of various dimensions which mean that its entire output range is covered. These technically advanced performances which result in energy savings and reliability over the years.

This 2 stage burner has an integrated control panel with display of the operating phase, diagnostic help and running hour counter. Simplified installation: burner setting with hood on place, easy and precise combustion air setting thanks a three position jack.Easy maintenance : direct access to electrical components under the leak tight hood, access to nozzle line thanks to sliding guide rails allowing to separate burner from flame pipe without dismounting.

  • Output range: 486 - 2443 kW
  • M 52-1S : H 555 x L 625 x D 930 mm
  • M 52-2S : H 555 x L 756 x D 1066 mm
  • Weight: 75 kg max

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