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Oil burners
Small to medium output (16 - 125 kW)

Fuel oil burners incorporate all the latest innovations in heating, and ensure reliable, economical operation and are remarkably quiet.

Available in a 1 or 2 stage version, they are designed to obtain high efficiencies and exceptional combustion quality. Robust and compact, they save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Burners are completely pre-assembled, and each burner is individually put through ignition tests in the factory, preset to its output range, and is ready to be used strenght away on installation. Ideal for De Dietrich boilers, they can also be fitted in boilers of all other brands.

  • A large output range
  • Easy to install and to maintain
  • Optimal and economical combustion
  • Silent performance and environmental protection
  • Durability

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Characteristics of the range

Models M 100 S M 200 X M 200 S
Output range 16 - 47 kW 18 - 126 kW 38 - 125 kW
Fuel source      
With oil pre-heater M 100 RS    
Without oil pre-heater M 100/1S
M 100/2S
1 stage M 200/1S
M 201/2S
2 stage     M 202/2S
NOx emissions
Low NOx NOx<120 mg/kWh NOx<120 mg/kWh NOx<120 mg/kWh
Suitable for the following boilers GT 123 - 126
GT 1203 - 1206
CA 27 and CA 35
GT 120/1200
GT 220/2200
GT 224 - 228
GT 2204 - 2205
GT 304 II

Details of the models

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M 100 S
M 200 X
M 200 S