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DTG 230 - DTG 330
High output cast iron boilers

The DTG gas atmospheric boilers are designed for heating only.

Depending on the model, they include either a new 2-stage atmospheric burner ( DTG 230/330 S) or a Low NOx total premix burner, which minimize polluant emissions : NOx < 70 mg/kWh (DTG 230/330 ECONOx).

The DTG 230 boilers are pre-fitted to operate on natural gas, operation possible on propane with conversion kit (option).

These boilers can be equipped with a choice of control systems, either B3, K3 or Diematic m3.

  • An high annual performance yield
  • Output: up to 380 kW
  • A significant reduction in polluting emissions
  • Silent operation

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Characteristics of the range

Model DTG 230 Eco.NOx DTG 230 S DTG 330 Eco.NOx DTG 330 S
Output 54 to 117 kW 54 to 117 kW 126 to 342 kW 119 to 380 kW
Type of Boiler
Low temperature
Fuel Source
Function Heating only
Burner Low NOx Atmospheric Low NOx Atmospheric
Connection Chimney flue
Choice of regulation systems

Details of the models

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DTG 230
DTG 330