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Chaudiere C310 ECO par De Dietrich

C 330 Eco

The C 330 Eco boiler is intended for heating only.

Its exchanger in cast aluminium-silicium components, which is highly resistant to corrosion and presents no constraints in terms of flow rate and return temperature, has self-cleaning properties. The total premix modulating burner (from 20 to 100%) guarantees a significant reduction in pollution emissions and an annual operating efficiency of up to 109%.

Straightforward commissioning thanks to:
- Detachable covers for quick access to the burner
- An inspection hatch for easy access to the exchanger
- A boiler which is compact (1.31 m² for 430 kWh) and light (433 kg for 430 kWh)

Comes with a choice of control panels: INICONTROL or DIEMATIC iSYSTEM.
  • Useful output range (kW): from 279 to 651
  • Dimensions (mm): H 1500 x W 1833 / 2142 x D 716
  • Footprint (m²): 1.31 to 1.53
  • Weight empty (kg): 364 to 531
  • Equipment: DIEMATIC iSYSTEM or INICONTROL control system

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