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Chaudiere GTU C 330 par De Dietrich

Oil condensing boiler GTU C (from 50 to 291,2 kW)

The GTU C range comprises condensing oil-fired boilers for heating only, with integrated pressure jet burner, equipped with a Diematic control panel.

The GTU C is the result of the latest research which, thanks to condensation technology, has made it possible to considerably improve the performance of oil-fired boilers, in line with current environmental concerns.

Thanks to the GTU C, you can make energy savings of up to 25% and significantly reduce carbon gas and nitrogen dioxide emissions.

The GTU C range is the condensing oil-fired solution for collective needs.

  • Operating efficiency of up to 104%
  • A wide output range
  • Materials perfectly adapted to resist all constraints
  • A solution that is easy to integrate in any configuration

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Characteristics of the range

Models GTU C 220 GTU C 334-336 GTU C 337-339
Power 50 to 85 kW 56,7 to 157,3 kW 155,4 to 291,2 kW
Type of boiler Condensing
Energy Oil
Fonctions Heating only
Oil integrated in the boiler casing
Equipment Chimney
Control (choice one)
Diematic 3    
K3 (in combination with Diematic-m3 for slave boilers)  

Details of the models

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Oil condensing boiler GTU C 220
Oil condensing boiler GTU C 330